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If you want to give your wall or structure a fresh new look, East Coast Cement Rendering are just a phone call away. Your space can be transformed with beautiful finishes for facades using acrylic and texture applications, coloured coating and other proven rendering systems.
Rendering services available to you include cement rendering, traditional solid plastering, granolithic floor toppings and decorative Gypsum based plastering. Each rendering option contains unique mixtures that can help protect your structure and achieve your desired finish.
Cement Rendering
We create a sophisticated look for your exterior or interior using various colours and textures. Beyond visual appeal, cement rendering provides greater durability for your walls and provides waterproofing, fireproofing, anti-cracking and anti-stain capabilities.
Traditional Solid Plastering
Also known as render and set, we have a wealth of experience in traditional solid plastering for residential and commercial projects. This service uses plaster, cement and other protective layers to level uneven walls and corners for that smooth and modern finish.
Granolithic floor toppings
The combination of cement and fine aggregates produce a surface known as Granolithic concrete. To create texture, fine aggregates like granite or crushed rocks are usually used. This service is ideal for floor toppings to provide a durable cover.
Gypsum plastering
We provide decorative gypsum plastering to make your space look spacious and beautiful. This material is usually applied as a matte finish and in a single hue. If you’re looking to save time, we recommend it as an excellent finish. The time gap between coats is short and it is suitable for all types of paint.
Certified Rendering Systems
Cracks appear in many surfaces and structures for a number of reasons over time. We can protect your surface against cracking and staining using rendering systems by Rock Cote and Dulux Acratex ®. We also provide CSR Hebel and related coatings to ensure a quality finish that lasts.
High Quality Service
As fully licensed and insured tradespeople, we are passionate about safety and ensure our team members are OH/S compliant and respectful of your property while working on your project. We use high quality machinery like cement render pumps, scaffolding and height protection equipment for working at heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is cement rendering?
Cement rendering can vary in price but it will depend on several factors such as the location, size of the structure and the type of render.
What is the mix for cement render?
The main mixture of cement render includes cement, sand and lime. Its composition can also include colouring and other agents depending on the finish you desire.
How long does cement render last?
Cement render lasts for 20 to 40 years using modern acrylic renders. However, any type of render can be vulnerable when exposed to harsh environments like saltwater.
Cement Rendering — Venetian Plastering & Cladding Services in Balina, NSW