Bathroom — Venetian Plastering & Cladding Services in Balina, NSW

Stylish & Functional

Need cladding for your building? As well as rendering and Venetian plastering, East Coast Cement Rendering also offers cladding as an additional service. We can transform your wall into a completely finished exterior with an improved appearance and functionality.
Our experienced team members can help you choose the right material to protect and decorate your structure and will carry out the job on time and on budget.
Cladding utilises different materials including wood, metal, vinyl and other composite materials like aluminium. For a high quality finish, we coat walls with different rendering systems that are certified by Rock Cote and Dulux Acratex®.
Quality Cladding
We have completed a variety of high quality cladding projects for clients from various industries and go above and beyond to meet their budget and specifications.
We use certified finishing including Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and CSR HEBEL Cladding systems.
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a finishing system that’s lightweight, non-toxic and effective for thermal insulation.
Whether for residential or commercial projects, our qualified team members can install EPS that is compliant with industry standards.
We also provide CSR Hebel cladding to keep your building warm in winter and cool in summer.
As a reliable manufacturer of building products, you can count on CSR Hebel for strong and durable cladding that’s environmentally friendly and fire resistant.
Cladding — Venetian Plastering & Cladding Services in Balina, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of cladding?
There are numerous types of cladding such as curtain walling, sandwich panels, patent glazing, and rainscreen among many others. Each type has its own material and purpose.
How do I know if cladding or brick works for my structure?
It depends on the architecture and location of your structure. Cladding is usually cheaper and has a lot of material options. It is easy to install and instantly improves the appearance of your facade. Bricks are very resistant to fire and extreme weather conditions and can be reused from previous buildings. You can save money and time in construction.
Can Venetian plaster be used in wet areas?
As well as making your exterior look more appealing, cladding is used to provide insulation, resist fire and strong winds and also prevents rain from getting in your building. You can treat or paint your cladding to further improve weather resistance.
Bathroom Sink With Cladding — Venetian Plastering & Cladding Services in Balina, NSW